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Will Meredith and DeLuca Break Up on Grey's Anatomy?

Alright, I Admit It — I'm Really Rooting For Meredith and DeLuca on Grey's Anatomy


Grey's Anatomy just wouldn't be Grey's Anatomy without a tragedy here, a romantic drama storm there. While Jackson and Maggie recently cut clean from each other and Amelia and Link are cementing their relationship with a baby on the way, Meredith and DeLuca are decidedly on the rocks. Long gone are the days where they whispered sweet Italian nothings to each other in an lift. Things are now complicated, especially as Meredith faces the possibility of losing her medical licence and DeLuca getting death stares at work for coupling with the enemy. Many factors are working against them, but here's why I don't necessarily foresee a breakup in their near future.

In all honesty, I wasn't super on board with DeLuca and Meredith dating, given that he was still sad sack about his ex-girlfriend when they first started to flirt. It didn't help that the writers delegated Meredith the role of the doting girlfriend all throughout season 15. And going to jail for Meredith's insurance fraud was, admittedly, pretty dumb on DeLuca's part.

But still. I can't deny that DeLuca has grown up considerably since Meredith's life blew up after getting fired. In fact, dare I say it, he's been as grounded as Derek Shepherd about the whole ordeal. Meredith hasn't been having it with Andrew, starting with how he suggested her to be more self-preserving when her takedown of Grey Sloan went viral. And when Zola had to get an emergency surgery, Meredith prickled at how he offered to keep an eye out for her and encouraged her to go to court for her hearing.

While I love that Meredith is back to her rule-smashing, badass self, I think that DeLuca has been more rational and thoughtful than patronising. He knows that she has three kids to care for and can't afford to lose any more time or money. Plus, it's hard to dispute the fact that he's been a dependable boyfriend as well. He even offers to care for her kids while she's in jail and waiting to see if she's going to lose her medical licence. When Zola was worried about forgetting Derek on Halloween, DeLuca consoled her by telling her a sweet story about her father.

Will Meredith and DeLuca break up? For now, I hope not. I think that there's still something worth holding onto there.

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