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The Telfar Bag Made an Appearance on Abbott Elementary

The Telfar Bag Makes a Priceless Cameo on "Abbott Elementary"

ABBOTT ELEMENTARY - Egg Drop  When the eighth-grade science class participates in an egg drop activity, Janine insists her second-grade class joins in. Even when the science teacher and Gregory tell her that her students arent ready for physics lessons, Janine is determined to prove them wrong. Then, when Barbara is shocked at the clothing one of her students parents wears, she learns to not judge someone solely based on their appearance on Abbott Elementary, WEDNESDAY, NOV. 16 (9:00-9:31 p.m. EST), on ABC. (ABC/Gilles Mingasson)QUINTA BRUNSONImage Source: ABC

On "Abbott Elementary," one man's trash is another man's Telfar. Quinta Brunson illustrated as much in the latest episode that aired on Feb. 8 titled "Valentine's Day." In it, her character, Janine, is underwhelmed to receive the coveted handbag. In fact, she isn't even aware of the brand's existence despite it being one of the most popular Black-owned brands worn by celebrities like Beyoncé and Rihanna.

The fashion cameo comes when Maurice, or "Mo," played by Vince Staples, attempts to woo Janine by gifting her the bag for Valentine's Day. And though Telfars are notoriously difficult to obtain, Janine didn't seem to understand the appeal, mistaking the trendy tote for a shopping bag. "What's wrong, you don't like it?" Mo asked Janine as she dug through the shiny white Telfar. "No, I just . . . I think you forgot to put the gift in the gift bag," she replied. Staples quickly corrected her, explaining that the bag was the gift, visibly confused by her nonchalance.

Still unfazed, Janine began dumping pens from her classroom inside. "Careful, careful!" a horrified Mo exclaimed. "Put the caps on those pens, girl. That bag is expensive." But as it became clear later on, Janine had actually hoped to receive a lego flower bouquet for Valentine's Day, like the one her coworker Gregory got for his girlfriend. The purse, while a generous gift, just wasn't her taste. (More for the rest of us!)

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