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All the Details From Rihanna's Savage x Fenty Vol. 3 Show

Rihanna's Savage X Fenty Show Delivers on Its Promise: Diversity, A-List Performances, and Glam Underwear

All the Details From Rihanna's Savage x Fenty Vol. 3 Show
Image Source: Getty / Kevin Mazur

With every passing Savage X Fenty Show, the Rihanna-helmed brand pushes us closer to a fashion industry where curvy and straight size models enjoy equal representation, trans models are just the norm, and models with disabilities are no longer a major afterthought. In fact, diversity is so obviously natural and intuitive to the brand that when watching the Volume 3 runway show, which premiers on 24 Sept. on Amazon Prime Video, it almost creates the illusion that as an industry, we are already there. But in reality, the level of inclusivity the lingerie brand displays remains an outlier. On the Savage X Fenty catwalk, all models are simply models, a mirror of the brand's customer base, and this time, they're bearing vinyl and a delightful heap of shimmer.

We're talking about Rihanna here, so of course the experience ("experience", because at this point, Savage X Fenty shows transcend runway) came with a star studded roster featuring performances and appearances from Normani, Gigi Hadid, Joan Smalls, Jazmine Sullivan, Emily Ratajkowski and more. There were a few traditional-leaning catwalk moments throughout the nearly 40 minute presentation, but, in building on the incorporation of dance from previous Savage X Fenty shows, models showcase the new collection predominantly through an impressive and infectious display of choreography. For the most part, the show depicts a lingerie-filled journey to the top floor of what can only be assumed to be a pretty exclusive tower, each section of the show separated by a different celebrity modelling a Savage X Fenty look in an lift, and each floor brings on a cultivated vibe of its own.

The show opened with a performance from Jade Novah, dancers popping and locking their way up a winding set of stairs, and it's our first taste of a heavy (and welcomed) dose of vinyl to come from the new lingerie collection. If we're talking full-on strutting, the opening spot goes to Cindy Crawford (a bit of a shocker, but also, can you blame Rihanna for being a fan?). The '90s supermodel donned a teal blue satin maxi dress (imagine prancing down your at-home stairs in that), an O-ring in its neckline playing off the details found in the dancers' lingerie sets. If enlisting one of the Big Five as the runway opener was any indication, it was obvious we were in for a show.

Rapper Bia both performed and opened at the next floor, wearing a shimmery lime green lace skirt and bra set, while dancers again boasted teal vinyl hot pants… Or panties — your pick. Normani enjoyed a solo moment in an unforgettable green and black, sequin-embellished lace bodysuit, and later, Emily Ratajkowski emerged from the back of a black car removing her robe to reveal a shimmery fuchsia bandeau in a stringy thong set — in the middle of the street, as one does. What followed was one of those aforementioned delicious runway moments: When the camera hit the perfect angle, it could be seen that models sashayed in the fitting shape of an "X", donning fuchsia, black, or beige high-sheen pyjama sets, shorts, boxers, thigh-high stockings, and cutout slip dresses as Ricky Martin performed wearing a black monogram robe.

The next floor took on a more sultry tone — and by that, we mostly mean Jazmine Sullivan performed her sexed up hit, "On It". This time, the lift introduced Vanessa Hudgens in a white lace skirt set similar to Bia's, the camera cutting to Irina Shayk in a metallic snake print, cutout bodysuit, the surrounding models wearing varying silhouettes of the same fabric. Later, a snake print bodysuit and maxi robe-wearing Erykah Badu leads to an energetic and fun-filled menswear-dedicated floor, which is simultaneously one step closer to Rihanna's entrance (c'mon, we were all waiting for it). The leading lady danced briefly in a fuchsia, snakeskin strapless tube top and shorts and lace stockings amid sensual red lighting before cutting to Gigi Hadid's lift scene, which introduced a shimmering sequence of styles fans are bound to want to get their hands on first (monogrammed, sequinned robes and bras, and a silver pleated babydoll dress are among the list).

Last to enter the lift, Rihanna expectedly closed the show on the rooftop in one of the most dramatically seductive looks of all: a plunge neck, lace maxi dress baring a thong and lots of thigh. All in all, the collection felt like a tribute to the return of over-the top-glam, though ironically, its pieces are predominantly meant to be worn indoors (or are they?). Still, glam is glam, and from vinyl bras to chainmail halter tops, your underwear drawer won't know what hit it.

Keep scrolling ahead for a few exclusive shots from the show. Then, get a head start on deciding which Savage X Fenty underwear styles you'll want to snag, and get ready to shop the collection on Savage X Fenty and Amazon's Fashion Store on 24 September.

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