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20-Minute Full-Body Workout With Sliders by Juice & Toya

Want to Burn Calories With No Impact? This 20-Minute Sliders Workout Is the HIIT You Need

Sliders are the home workout tool you probably didn't know you needed, especially if you're looking to go low-impact and full-body. For me, coming back from injury and living in a small apartment with thin walls and downstairs neighbours (the perfect storm!) means I use sliders for more workouts than I'd ever expected, including Pilates, strength, and cardio. You simply slide them across the floor with your hands and feet during specific exercises, which reduces the impact on your joints and helps you engage your core muscles for balance and control. And here's a tip — you don't actually need sliders themselves to make all of this happen. Towels, rags, or paper plates work just as well!

Now that I've sold you on slider life, let's get down to the workout. NASM-certified personal trainers Julius White and LaToya Johnson, who run One Body LA, used sliders to create this 20-minute, full-body HIIT (high-intensity interval training) workout that's guaranteed to help you burn calories (HIIT workouts are great for that) and break a sweat. What I love about this workout is that it takes moves you're already familiar with, like burpees, planks, and lunges, and tweaks them juuust enough to make you feel the difference. The sliders force you to slow down your movement, tighten your core, and really focus on form, all while staying low-impact. And make sure to keep your sound on; White and Johnson explain each move and exactly how to incorporate your sliders (or towels, rags, etc.) to perform the exercises properly and effectively.

The 20-minute routine consists of two sets of three exercises, repeated three times, plus a finisher. So warm up, grab your sliders, and get ready to work! (PS: if you love what you see here, we have a bunch more slider workouts you can try.)

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