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Best Instagram Workouts

These Workouts Left Me So Sore . . . and They're All From Instagram

Best Instagram Workouts

I use Instagram for the obvious reasons: to stalk celebrities, stay in the know about brands I love, connect with fellow creatives, keep tabs on friends (and people I probably shouldn't be keeping tabs on) . . . your list is probably similar to mine. But the double-tap-crazed social media platform is also good for finding workouts. Sure, there are a lot of fitness accounts that only post sponsored content and pictures of eight-pack abs (which is fine), but I've followed many people over the years who share kickass cardio circuits and killer core moves I've incorporated into my own routines. You should see my "saved" page; it's full of workouts I can turn to when I run out of ideas or need a little extra motivation. Here are some of the best ones you can do at the gym, in your living room, or anywhere you'd like.

Note: for your safety, make sure you're using your best judgement and doing workouts from expert certified trainers. We've made sure the videos we're including here are from trusted sources, but you should too.

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