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Why Blake Lively's Trainer Says Lifting Weights Is Better Than Cardio For Losing Fat

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Celebrity trainer and Drive 495 founder Don Saladino is known for sculpting the bodies of some of Hollywood's finest, like Zazie Beetz, Blake Lively, and Ryan Reynolds.

Don's approach to fitness is simple. "I'm always trying to get someone to be a good athlete first . . . then we can do more with their body, and if we can do more with their body, once you dial in on their diet, that's where we're able to create pretty good progress and results," he told POPSUGAR.

When it comes to the cardio vs. weightlifting debate for fat loss, Don explained, "I almost always say weights is better than cardio because you can make the weight training session somewhat cardiovascular by just reducing the rest time." When asked what people should be doing — cardio or lifting weights — Don said, "It's always weights. Scientifically, you're going to burn more fat calories through resistance training."

If you want to burn more fat, it's time to hit the weights and take less rest in between sets. Here's a four-week beginner's weightlifting plan to get you started.

Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Rima Brindamour
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