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Is Boxing Good For Weight Loss?

Why Boxing Is One of the Best Workouts For Weight Loss

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A full-body workout that's fun, challenging, and effective for weight loss exists — and it's boxing. It also doesn't hurt that you naturally look cool while doing it, so it's no wonder boxing is the go-to workout of supermodels like Gigi Hadid and Karlie Kloss. We spoke with the founder of Prevail Boxing, Milan Costich, to discuss why boxing is the best workout for weight loss in particular, and he's got us fully convinced to put on the gloves.

To start, boxing is all about being swift and efficient. "Everything on your body needs to serve a purpose," Costich told POPSUGAR. "There's no room for big, bulky muscles. There's no room for excess fat or anything. But the reason that boxing's so great is because it's a sport that really demands a complete endurance system."

Costich continued to explain how boxing is innately a HIIT workout. You follow quick bursts with light cardio to train your body to recover while still keeping your heart rate up and your blood flowing. According to Costich, this helps you burn more calories and achieve that tightened physique more quickly than traditional workouts. It's also the same sort of effect that interval circuit-training classes try to mimic. In a typical 45-minute session at Prevail Boxing, you can burn anywhere between 600 to 1,000 calories.

Many assume that boxing is all about upper-arm strength, but it's actually a complete, full-body workout. Core strength is especially important to generate enough power when rotating for punches. And of course, you have to remain agile while sparring or moving around the punching bag.

If you're wondering how often you should train for results, Costich recommends coming in at least three times a week. According to him, people typically begin seeing physical results within their first four to six weeks of consistent training.

But if joining a gym isn't in the cards for you, the good news is that you can incorporate boxing into your workouts at home. Shadowboxing, which is like imagining you have an opponent in front of you, is a fantastic way for you to challenge your mind, improve your technique, and get in some great cardio while you're at it. Another element that's easy to do at home is jump rope. Costich recommends trying out this simple routine to start:

  • Jump rope for 3 three-minute rounds
  • Shadowbox for 3 three-minute rounds
  • Core work for 3 three-minute rounds

"Thirty minutes and you're done, and you're hitting a bunch of different elements of boxing," he said.

Learning a new skill set like boxing can also be an effective way to stay motivated. "If I'm just working out to work out, it becomes brutal," Costich said. "And after a year of cycling [classes], you probably know how to ride the bike really well. But I've been doing boxing for over 30 years, and I'm still learning from this art form. If you can combine discipline with finding something that you really and sincerely enjoy learning, that makes for something that you can do for a long period of time."

Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Diggy Lloyd
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