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Halle Berry's Instagram Post About Bone Broth

Halle Berry Defies Age With Bone Broth — and Yes, She Knows It Sounds "Nasty as Hell"

Since joining Instagram just two years ago, Halle Berry has continued to provide one health tip after another. In her regular "Fitness Friday" series, the 51-year-old actress has shared her complete keto diet, as well as total-body workouts with her trainer Peter Lee Thomas. Halle also recently spoke highly of one unexpected elixir that's been trending lately: bone broth.

"I also want to share one of my secret weapons that I think has helped me defy my age and look and feel younger than my years," Halle wrote on Instagram. Bone broth is a protein-packed soup that results from simmering animal bones for many hours. The collagen in bone broth can aid in digestion and contribute to healthier skin and hair.

Though you can drink it on its own, Halle adds a little salt, ground pepper, and crushed garlic. Halle added, "I know for some this may sound nasty as hell, but I promise you, it's not bad at all and drinking bone both will slow down your inevitable race to the finish line!" Given her jaw-dropping appearance, we'll have what she's having!

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