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Intermittent Fasting Plan Ideas

3 Ways You Can Set Your Intermittent Fasting Schedule to Fit Your Needs

Intermittent fasting comes in a variety of forms, so it's easy to get overwhelmed by all the options when you're just getting started. To make it simple for you, online weight-loss coach petersoonfit shared a helpful infographic on Instagram that features three example schedules based on the most popular IF plan, 16/8 (fast for 16 hours, eat for eight).

Here's how you can choose the best option for you, as written in his caption:

  • A: Skip Breakfast — "Perfect for people that work nine to five and either don't feel hungry at breakfast or just want to save time in the morning."
  • B: Skip Lunch — "If you feel your best eating breakfast or you like to eat late, then this is probably a better way to structure IF"
  • C: Skip Dinner — "People that work unsociable hours or just prefer to stop eating earlier in the day would choose this option."

You can customise your plan to better suit your needs as long as you eat within that eight-hour window. Peter also noted that it's important to be mindful of your calories during times you do eat. Although IF is designed to restrict your caloric intake, you will still gain weight if you exceed your daily total.

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