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SImone De La Rue Plank Workout

Simone De La Rue Shows How She Gets Those Enviable Abs With These 3 Moves

Simone De La Rue, celebrity trainer and the fitness expert behind Body by Simone, definitely practices what she preaches. She showed off how she sculpts her strong core and flat belly with three plank variations on a Instagram video.

She wrote that these planks work your "obliques, transverse abdominis, glutes, and overall core strength and stability." For an extra challenge, she performed each move with a five-pound weight.

For the first side plank, she recommends doing three sets of eight to 12 reps. For the second move, eight to 10 reps, and for the third, eight to 12 reps.


"Be sure to focus on correct alignment with shoulder over wrist," she wrote in the caption. "Pull up out of your hips and engage your obliques so your body doesn't sag in the middle. If you have wrist issues you can modify and come down to your forearm."

Try incorporating these moves into your next ab routine to strengthen and tone your overall core and obliques.

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