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Best Gymnastics Routines of 2021

Here Are the 10 Best Gymnastics Routines of 2021 in All Their Flip-and-Flair Glory

Best Gymnastics Routines of 2021

I may be biased as a former gymnast, but I could watch gymnastics competitions every day of the week. There were so many nail-biting, exciting meets in the past 12 months alone. NCAA gymnastics came back in full stride after a shortened 2020 season, sans the national championship. We also saw the senior elite women step into Olympic shape, competing for a spot to represent their countries on the biggest stage in the world.

As we wrap up December, check out the best routines of 2021 in no particular order ahead. You'll find floor performances with a mix of pop culture, Olympic-medal-winning moments on all four events, and skill that shines through the screen. I couldn't include all of my favourites (you'd be scrolling for hours), so to the incredible athletes with statement-making routines I didn't get to mention, you're still absolute superstars — looking at you, Jordan Chiles, Pauline Schäfer, and legend Oksana Chusovitina.

This particular year has taught us that amid adversity, gymnasts can embrace joy and choose their well-being when it matters most. And that's worth more than any stuck routine.

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