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Half Marathon Training Schedule: A Week's Worth of Workouts

I'm Training For a Half-Marathon, and This Is What My Week of Workouts Looks Like

Half Marathon Training Schedule: A Week's Worth of Workouts
Image Source: Getty / Martin Novak

Remember when I wrote about how much I hate running? And how I would probably never sign up for a long-distance race again? Well, never say never. I'm officially running the Rock 'n' Roll Half Marathon in Las Vegas in a few weeks, which means I've spent the past few months training. I've curated the perfect running playlist, stocked up on cute running gear, and continuously upped my mileage each week (hello, nine-mile long runs!).

To train, I've mostly been following Hal Higdon's Novice 1 12-week training plan, with some slight adjustments. This is a good place to start since my goal is to just finish, but I've adjusted the dates and suggested workouts based on my schedule. Instead of 50-minute or 60-minute cross training, I usually stick to a 45-minute intense indoor cycling class. Although the schedule doesn't call for it, I do at least one day a week of strength training and usually opt for just one rest day a week. And while I prefer to run outside, I have traded in some of these scenic miles with indoor treadmill classes. Keep reading to see what a week's worth of my workouts looks like.

Please note: while I mention a lot of boutique fitness classes that I pepper in throughout my training schedule, you certainly don't need to take pricey fitness classes to have an effective half-marathon training plan. I usually only do one or two fitness classes a week, depending on my schedule.

If you want to join me in Las Vegas, registration is still open! Sign up for the full marathon, half-marathon, 10K, or 5K race here.

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