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Chobani Flips With Cookie Dough

Ice Cream or Greek Yoghurt? We Can't Tell With Chobani Flip's New Cookie Dough Topping

I've never been a huge fan of Greek yoghurt, but Chobani Flip's newest cookie dough topping absolutely just changed my mind about that. The new snack was spotted by Instagram user and snack enthusiast, @JunkBanter, and it features low-fat vanilla Greek yoghurt mixed with tiny pieces of cookie dough, milk chocolate chips, and "cookie rice crisps." According to a short review, the new topping tastes very similar to Chips Ahoy! cookies. At just 190 calories each, this a way more acceptable way of eating dessert for breakfast.

Chobani Flip Cookie Dough recently debuted alongside another new flavour, Boston Cream Pie. Both flavours are now available to purchase nationwide, so make sure to snag a couple during your next trip to the grocery store.