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Costco Kirkland Vodka Cocktail Ice Pops

Need a Boozy Treat? Costco's New Vodka Cocktail Ice Pops Have an 8% ABV, So Snack Away

Did someone say booze? Costco has never had a shortage of spiked ice pops, and now the wholesale store has its own line of Kirkland Signature Vodka Cocktail Ice Pops. The cocktail-inspired snacks are 100 calories each with an eight percent ABV (just like the Costco Skinny Freezers) and come in three fruity flavours: Lime Drop, Watermelon Hibiscus, and Strawberry Freeze. Is anybody else craving a cocktail yet?

The frozen treats, spotted by Instagram user @aleeza, are sold in big packs of 18 ready-to-freeze pouches, so all we have to do is stick 'em in the freezer and wait. Here's hoping they don't take too long to freeze, because I'm ready to make these my new favourite poolside snack.