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Barbie Cocktail Ideas From TikTok

TikTok's Absurdly Pink Barbie Cocktails Will Bring Instant Joy to Your Weekend

Barbie Cocktail Ideas From TikTok
Image Source: Getty / Svetlana Borisova

I feel like we should have maxed out our tolerance for Barbie mania weeks ago, yet I still (at least personally) can't get enough β€” and if TikTok is any indication, other people are still loving it, too. From brand collabs and Barbiecore fashion moments to actual Barbie Doll nostalgia, hot pink has crept into just about every crevice of pop culture. That includes food, from the resurgence of those iconic Barbie cakes (you know the ones, with cake as the doll's dress), and cocktails so bright you won't believe it's not food colouring.

The latter is where I be spent my time last "Barbie" release weekend. TikTokers have come up with gorgeous, festive Barbie cocktails for every taste preference, and I'm dying to try them all. There are cocktails with gin, vodka, or tequila, edible glitter and novelty ice, and even some mocktails if you're on the sober curious train. One thing they'll have in common, though, is that they're all gloriously pink.

Sure, you could just pop open a bottle of pink rosΓ©, but Barbie mania only comes around once in a while, and you might as well lean in. Whether you're looking for a little pink drink to sip on at your next Barbie-themed shindig or something sweet and on-brand to smuggle into the theatre in your water bottle (we won't tell), get all your Barbie cocktail inspiration from these genius TikTok ideas.