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Fudge Brownie M&M's

Fudge Brownie M&M's Are Really Out to Make My Baking Pans Irrelevant, Huh?

It might sound redundant, but new chocolate M&M's are on the way that are filled with . . . more chocolate. Well, technically fudge brownies. Food blogger Junk Food Leaks just shared a first look at the forthcoming M&M's, which are essentially slightly larger pieces filled with the gooey texture of fresh-baked brownies — without all the cleanup and pan scrubbing.

The M&M's sound amazing, and, thankfully, they taste it, too. "These chocolate candies soften up quick, and the gooey texture of a warm brownie begins to take over your taste buds," wrote Junk Food Leaks on Instagram. "For those who love the brownie aftertaste, this is a home run." Though little else is known at this time, fudge brownie M&M's can reportedly be expected by the Fall in time for all the cosy vibes.