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How to Get Crispy Turkey Skin

The 1 Thing to Brush on Turkey to Make It Ultra Crispy and Golden Brown

Everyone yearns to pull off a perfectly golden-brown turkey with crisp skin, but what's the trick? I asked a Turkey Talk expert at Butterball, who said something surprising: we all need to stop basting and glazing. I know this goes against everything generations before you may have said, but basting the bird just cools down the oven and makes the turkey take longer to reach the right temperature.

The turkey skin will brown, so long as you brushed it with a high-heat oil or clarified butter before putting in the oven. Butterball says turkey skin is like a raincoat and the drippings just drip right off, anyway. So why bother basting? The drippings can be used for the gravy.

In addition, don't open the oven repeatedly. It's so tempting to check on the bird, but use the oven light for that. Position the turkey and the oven-safe thermometer in such a way that you can read the temperature through the window. If your oven doesn't have a window (or you don't have an oven-safe thermometer), there's always simple maths. Calculate the amount of time it will take you to cook the bird, and rely on a timer before you start checking. The less you open the oven door, the more likely you are to get a perfectly succulent turkey with a crispy skin.

Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Anna Monette Roberts
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