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When Will 2021 Starbucks Christmas Cups Will Be Available?

Rumour Has It Starbucks Christmas Cups Are Coming in a Few Weeks!

Although Halloween decorations are in the midst of going up, some people are already thinking about the holidays. When it comes to seasonal Starbucks merch, fans can't get enough and are currently on the lookout for when 2021's holiday cups will hit shelves. POPSUGAR reached out Starbucks to get the exact date on the record, and while the brand isn't ready to unveil this year's official launch date, the fan website Countdown to Red Cups has guessed that this year's Christmas and holiday cups will arrive in stores on Nov. 7. Last year, holiday cups debuted in mid-September, so coffee-lovers are more than ready for them this year. With the holidays quickly approaching, the thought of swapping out a PSL for a peppermint mocha sounds better every day. Keep your eyes peeled for the new festive goods, and get ready to sip on your favourite seasonal Starbucks drinks in style. Cheers!