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G-Spot: Sex Positions For Orgasm

The Best Sex Positions For Achieving a G-Spot Orgasm

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When it comes to G-spot orgasms, there's a lot of information out there about where the G-spot is located, how to have a G-spot orgasm, whether or not the G-spot even exists, and the best G-spot sex positions.

To clear up some of that confusion, yes, the G-spot does exist. According to Planned Parenthood, it's located "about an inch or so inside the vaginal opening on the upper vaginal wall — closest to the belly button." Experts often recommend doing the "come hither" motion with your fingers as the best way to find it. In general, your G-spot should feel spongy and sensitive. When stimulated, it can create a highly pleasurable experience.

A big part of really maximizing G-spot stimulation is making sure you're in the mood for arousal and natural lubrication — though it's always a good idea to have some extra lube handy, in addition. That way, you can really experience the pleasure. Take some time to do whatever feels best for you in terms of foreplay — candles, baths, nipple play, and more.

Then, make sure you or your partner are giving attention to the area that's needed during penetration — whether with fingers, a sex toy, a penis, or a strap-on dildo. Most importantly, lose the idea that you have to orgasm. Oftentimes, putting the pressure on yourself to have an orgasm can result in, well, not being able to have an orgasm. Instead, focus on the stimulation and how sensations feel, and lose the "I have to orgasm" mentality.

If you're ready to give it a try, here are a few of the best positions that can increase your chances of G-spot orgasm more than others.

G-Spot Stimulation When You're Alone

If you're going for G-explosions of the solo variety, you might be your best tool. "Using only your fingers is a fun switch, and it even teaches your body to orgasm more easily from multiple kinds of stimulation," Alicia Sinclair, certified sex educator and CEO of Le Wand, b-Vibe, and The Cowgirl, tells POPSUGAR. "Start by putting a finger or two inside your vagina and curving your finger to meet your front vaginal wall or tapping and swirling a finger pad or two around the G-spot," she says. Play with different kinds of pressure and stimulation to figure out what feels the best for you, and when you do find it, you'll know.

"If you want some extra help pinpointing your G-spot, Le Wand has a Curve Attachment Cover, which best matches the curve of your vagina's front wall where the spot is found. The Ripple Attachment also works great, as the bumps massage your G-spot as you move it in and out," she says. Start with low vibrations, brush them against your special spot, then pull back out again to graze your clitoris. As you get more and more aroused, you can pump up the vibrations, she says, increasing the intensity.

Done too soon? Don't worry. "If you finish too fast, remember the bliss of being a vagina owner — your refractory period is super short, and you can come again and again in completely different ways within minutes," she says.

G-Spot Sex Position: Cowgirl

"If you're ready to give G-spot stimulation a go with a partner, riding is a great — and fairly easy — position to help you reach that spot," Sinclair says. This works regardless of whether your partner has a penis or is wearing a strap-on dildo, because you can take advantage of that upward curve in either their skin or silicone member that targets the G-spot's location, she confirms. This is about three inches into your vagina, right where your front wall feels round and puffy. "Try gyrating and moving in different rhythms and angles to find the position that strikes that spot," she says.

G-Spot Sex Position: Doggy Style

"Not only is doggy style a fan favorite, but believe it or not, when your partner enters you from the back (with penis, dildo, or fingers), they're actually poised to slide right up against your G-spot as they move back and forth," Sinclair says. To make sure you're getting the most out of this position, try angling your body in different ways to hit your G-spot. "For example, start off on all fours and see how that feels, and then lower your chest all the way to the bed while arching your back and pushing your pelvis toward your partner's movements," she says. Let your partner know what feels good and what's working so they can be sure to be an active partner in the experience and give the most amount of pleasure.

G-Spot Sex Position: Missionary With Legs in the Air

This position is a twist on missionary that's meant to really angle your partner toward your G-spot. "Rather than getting into standard missionary partner, pick your legs up and put them over your partner's (the penetrator's) shoulders. They can situate themselves on their knees," she says. This angle helps your partner reach your G-spot more easily because of the angle at which your hips are propped, she explains.

G-Spot Sex Position: Spooning

For a more intimate way to reach the G-spot, get snuggly on your side with your partner around you. "Coming from behind, the giver will be able to reach your G-spot directly (with either a penis or dildo)," Sinclair says. Bonus points: spooning will give your partner plenty of access to stimulate your nipples, your clitoris, and other fun spots on your body at the same time.

G-Spot Sex Position: X Marks the Spot

To hit your G-spot, "lay on your back (even better if it's on a flat surface like a table or counter) and have your partner enter while standing up. Lift your legs and cross your ankles in an X so they lay on opposite shoulders," Sinclair recommends. "This plays up the natural curvature of an erection or curved dildo, making it super easy to reach the G-spot," she explains. The "X" will create a tighter fit for a little extra friction, too.

G-Spot Sex Position: Fusion

"Have the giver sit up with their legs straight out, while you straddle them and lean back on your arms. By leaning back, you'll be able to easily grind against your partner at the right angle to stimulate the G-spot for the whole ride," she says. This way, you have some control over the position and can get a sweet G-spot orgasm.

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