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First Dates Hotel Julian and Vanessa

This Adorable Couple From First Dates Will Make You Believe in Love

Channel 4's First Dates has served up some memorable moments over the years, but nothing quite tops this date from the new series, First Dates Hotel. Julian and Vanessa seem to hit it off straight away, and you can almost see the sparks flying as they chat over dinner. But then Vanessa gets some upsetting news halfway through the date, and . . . well, if you're a sensitive soul (or a cat botherer) you might want to get some tissues before watching the below, because this is a real tearjerker.

First Dates Hotel: Love is real

Reports that love is dead have been greatly exaggerated. We've found it. First Dates

Posted by Channel 4 on Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Though Julian and Vanessa are still going strong after meeting on the show, unfortunately Vanessa's cat passed away shortly after filming. Julian was apparently with Vanessa at the vet when Tabby was put to sleep.

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