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This Quiz Tells You What Your Zodiac "Sextrology Sign" Is

This Quiz Told Me What My "Sextrology" Sign Is, and the Results Were Surprising Yet Accurate

When the stars align, you know it's going to be a good time! As someone who is an avid believer in all things online quizzes, I was left starry-eyed after stumbling upon a test that promised to tell me what my "sextrology" sign is. As a somewhat stubborn Capricorn, I was hesitant to take the quiz, wondering how I could be anything different than a Cap in between the sheets. According to the quiz, sextrology "is a term used to describe how the stars and the sun influence a person's sex life, their romantic relationships, and the things that give them pleasure". The test also uses insight from the zodiac signs and their corresponding characteristics to find out who people are most compatible with sexually and romantically. Just as the 12 signs are all different, so are their personalities in the bedroom.

I clicked into the quiz, and before I knew it, I was divulging sexual information that not even my partner knows about me.

I clicked into the quiz, and before I knew it, I was divulging sexual information that not even my partner knows about me. The test is only comprised of about 30 questions and takes no more than 10 minutes to take. Each question has four answer options you can pick from, making it super easy. I noticed that two of the questions didn't have answers that applied to me, but I just went with the answer that seemed most relatable. After exposing the ins and outs of my sex life, the results were in . . . Would I be a domineering Cap in bed or was I a different sign altogether?

"Based on the answers that you chose, your sextrology sign is Aries," the quiz told me. "This sign is known for being aggressive in bed and always wanting to be the dominant partner. That doesn't mean you don't know how to slow things down sometimes. However, you get bored easily and can be out the door just as quickly as you walked in." It. Adds. Up. While still staying true to my "dominant" Capricorn side, being an Aries in bed couldn't be more accurate for me. People with this sign have been described as energetic, passionate, courageous, free-spirited, and somewhat turbulent, all of which are right on track with what I bring into the bedroom (minus the turbulence). With a whole new look at my sign, this quiz opened up my eyes to what's written in the stars for my sex life.

Want some insight into how astrology affects your sex life? You can take the sextrology sign quiz right here.

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