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2020 Disney Christmas Ad With Grandma's Plush Mickey | Video

Disney's Sentimental Festive Ad Shows the Power of Family Traditions — and I'm Tearing Up

Disney UK's latest advertisement for the festive season certainly pulls at the heartstrings! In the three-minute animated video, viewers meet a little girl named Lola who receives a Mickey Mouse plush from her father in 1940. Flash forward 65 years to 2005, and Lola has since become a grandmother.

Set to "Love Is A Compass" by Griff — a song that will make even the most stone-faced person shed a tear — Lola gifts her granddaughter the Mickey Mouse toy and shares with her a festive tradition that involves making eye-catching stars. As the years go by, Mickey's ear tears off due to wear and tear, and we see Lola's granddaughter grow up and begin to show less interest in their festive annual project.

Left at home disappointed while her granddaughter goes out for the evening, we see Lola begin to give up on her family's festive traditions. However, once her granddaughter returns from her night out, she sees the torn Mickey and realises the significance of making lasting memories with her family members. Watch to see how Lola's granddaughter makes it up to her, and try not to shed a tear in the process.

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