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Baby Hysterically Laughing at Dad Rapping

The Sound of This Baby Laughing Hysterically at His Dad Rapping Is the Purest Thing

There's nothing funnier than your dad trying to freestyle rap about you being a baby . . . that's a saying, right? OK, so maybe not officially, but for a little babe named Quentin, it's the whole truth. A dad from Baltimore, MD, whose stage name is B-doe, "attempted to rap battle his son," but rather than a fast-paced, witty battle, he got nothing but uncontrollable laughter from his baby boy. In a video that had over 4.8 million views at press time, B-doe approaches Quentin and immediately starts throwing shade at the fact that his son "poops without warning," but at the end of his first few bars, Quentin starts hysterically laughing . . . and never stops.

"He's messing with me!" B-doe says, before trying to continue to rap; but it's no use — pretty soon, he's also in hysterics. The whole thing is honestly just too pure for this internet, and we can't stop watching. See the adorable video above, and just try not to cackle along.

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