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Chrissy Teigen Claps Back at Mom Shamer Over Nail Polish

Chrissy Teigen Had the Best Response to a Troll Who Shamed Her For Doing Luna's Nails

Supermodel and mom of two Chrissy Teigen has never held back on social media, especially when it comes to mom-shamers. Recently, she shared a perfectly innocent video on Twitter of her painting Luna's nails, with the caption: "Doing her nails is my knitting. Kid toes kill me!" And naturally, people had something to say about it.

In a now-deleted tweet, one woman named Brenda commented: "Applying poisonous chemicals directly onto a child's body can not be good. Whatever poisons are in polish are absorbed through the nail and directly into their body."

Er, OK, if you say so, Brenda. The 33-year-old mom didn't hold back in her response. "There she is," wrote Chrissy, adding a followup tweet for effect, "Well I actually had her drink it so joke's on you." The takeaway here? Don't f*ck with Chrissy Teigen.

Image Source: Getty / Lars Niki
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