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Girl With Down Syndrome Putting on Her Own Makeup

Mom Reacts to Little Girl Applying Her Makeup: "Oh, Gosh, That's an EXTREME Wing"

Pretty sure mascara & a contour kit are topping her Christmas list. YouTube makeup tutorials for the win!

Posted by Nicole Atchison Wallace on Wednesday, November 28, 2018

There's something about watching kids put on makeup that is unbelievably satisfying. Perhaps it's their extreme confidence about the exceptional work they're doing, or perhaps it's the ridiculous end result of all that eyeliner and lipstick. It could be the hilarious reactions or simply knowing that it isn't our expensive Chanel blush getting manhandled by a grade schooler.

Whatever it is, it's why this sweet video of 7-year-old Reese Wallace applying makeup has gotten more than 4.4 million views since her mother posted it on Facebook.

The girl can be seen applying mascara to her eyelashes and eyelids, while her mom, Nicole Atchison Wallace, tries to give, ahem, constructive feedback.

"Are you going for a smoky eye?" she asks. When the girl moves on to eyeliner, Nicole calmly reminds her that "you might need to take the cap off."

Perhaps the best response to Reese's work? "Oh gosh, that's an extreme wing."

As Reese — who watches YouTube makeup tutorials and requested a contour kit for Christmas — finished up, she looked proudly in the mirror and said, "It's working, mommy."

She's right. It definitely is.

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