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Mum Dances in the Hallway Before Giving Birth

1 Mum Had a Dance Party in the Hospital Hallway Before Giving Birth, and It Was AMAZING

Alicia, a mum with some seriously cool moves, wanted to welcome her daughter into the world in a memorable way. So rather than just waiting out labour in her hospital bed, the soon-to-be mama broke it down in the hospital hallway, and her husband and a few nurses weren't afraid to join in. She shared the entertaining video on Instagram, and after 30 long hours of labour, her daughter was finally born.

"Six months ago today we recorded this video and sent it to our close friends and family to let them know it was game time and we were gonna have a baby!" she wrote in the caption. "Love that dancing was included in my birth plan and I was surrounded by such an incredible support team. Loved my labour experience."

And for those of you who are wondering what song she's jamming out to, we've got you covered. It's called "Baby Mama Dance," so feel free to use it for your own party.

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