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Stitch Falls Down to Make Girl Feel Better at Disneyland

When This Little Girl Fell Over, Stitch Did the Sweetest Thing to Make Her Feel Better

When 2-year-old Emily came face to face with a real-life Disney character on a trip to Disneyland, she did what any self-respecting toddler would do and beelined straight for him. But as she rambled toward Stitch – of Lilo & Stitch fame – she tripped and fell flat on her stomach.

Before her mom could even react to potential skinned knees or tearful eyes, Stitch was already on the case. He saw the little girl's tumble and instantly fell to his knees before rolling over in the most dramatic fashion. He then gave her a sweet hug and adorned her wrist with a flower bracelet.

As Emily's mom captioned the sweet Instagram video, "friends who fall together, stay together."

I just wish Stitch was around for my most embarrassing moments.

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