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Terminally Ill Man Meets His Great Granddaughter

Watching This Terminally Ill Man Meet His Great Granddaughter Will Give You Every Emotion

Throughout her pregnancy, Joy Phero had a mix of feelings: excitement over welcoming her baby girl into the world, but also fear that she might not be able to introduce her newborn to her Pop Pop, the baby's great grandfather, who was very ill. However, while Pop Pop, or Charles "Buck" Marshall, was in the hospital fighting off complications of terminal pancreatic cancer, Chloe May was born a few floors above him in the same hospital on June 1. Two days later, the nursing team at Virtua Hospital of Voorhees made the pair's meeting a reality.

"This is a big thank you to Virtua Voorhees for making this amazing moment possible for me and my family," Joy wrote in a post to Facebook, alongside a video of the emotional meeting. "My biggest fear my whole pregnancy was my Pop Pop not being able to meet Chloe . . . My Pop Pop didn't think he would make it to meet his great granddaughter, or he would be too sick to. In his words, his 'life is now complete just because of this moment.' I'm so grateful that you gave us this opportunity. You don't understand how much it meant for him just to be able to look at her. Virtua Hospital, thank you again, for taking such good care of me and my baby while I was there and making it a wonderful experience."

In the video, you can hear Pop Pop, who is clearly overwhelmed with emotion, say he "feels so much better now" that he's met Chloe. Shortly after their meeting, Pop Pop went home to spend his last days with his family, and sadly passed away on June 18.

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