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Woman's Rant About Taking Her Grandkids to McDonald's

I Laughed Till I Cried at This Woman’s Profanity-Filled Story About Taking Her Grandkids to McDonald's

"What is it with kids and McDonald's?" starts Stephanie Aird's story about taking her 5- and 3-year-old granddaughters to eat at the fast-food chain following a family wedding. The grandma had strapped up Lexy and Autumn in the back of her car after taking them to a kids' play place and was all ready to give in to their requests for chicken nuggets and fries from Mickey D's when she noticed the drive-through line was about 75 cars deep. Her solution? Take the kids across the road to KFC instead, since what they wanted from McDonald's in the first place was chicken.

"Big mistake," Stephanie said in her video. "Lexy: 'I don't want KFC.' So Autumn copies: 'I don't want KFC' . . . I said, 'What did you want from McDonald's?' 'Chicken nuggets.' 'KFC is Kentucky Fried Chicken — chickkkken.' 'Oh, good. Do they have chicken nuggets?' 'No, but they have chicken popcorn.'" Lexy responds again, crying this time, "'I don't want chicken popcorn!' I went, 'Right, you know how you wanted six nuggets? Well you get about 12 popcorns.' 'OK, then,' says Lexy, f*ckin' hell on [her face], 'if that's what you want me to have, then that's what I will have.'"

And this is just the beginning of Stephanie's struggles . . . just wait until the point in the story when Autumn decides she needs a cup of "white ice cream."

If you're not one to appreciate colourful storytelling about the struggles of doing just about anything with kids in tow, Stephanie's story may not be for you; but if you love a good rant filled with plenty of "what the f*ck"s, then this hilarious video is a must-watch. Warning: you'll laugh till you cry.

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