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Trey Kennedy's What Mums Are Like During a Pandemic Video

Trey Kennedy's Spoof on Mums Before and After the Pandemic Hits a Little Too Close to Home

Moms pre-pandemic vs post-pandemic

Moms pre-pandemic vs post-pandemic

Posted by Trey Kennedy on Monday, August 3, 2020

Comedian Trey Kennedy has always found the humour in the most challenging aspects of parenthood. And while his light-hearted videos often offer us a much-needed break from reality, his new spoof on what mums were like before the pandemic started compared to how they act now shows how we're all slowly losing our minds might just hit a little too close to home.

Donning a dressing gown for all of his scenes that take place amid COVID-19, we get a hilarious look at just how much we've all been collectively unraveling since March. Of course, we too, often daydream about the good old days where we actually wanted to cook dinner for our family or had anything left to watch on Disney+. But now that many of us have been inside with our kids for the last few months — and have been consistently panicked about back-to-school season — all we can do is laugh at ourselves.

Whether you want to reflect on what life was like before coronavirus or can relate to Trey's pithy one-liners about masks, this video utterly sums up what being a mum during a pandemic is like. Watch until the end once the kids are all in bed.

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