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Video of Little Girl Saying Goodbye to Her Cat

There's Nothing More Precious Than This Little Girl Saying Goodbye to Her Cat Before Holiday

Bidding your pets adieu before walking out the door can be an emotional journey. I know this because at 27 years old, I still get visibly upset when I have to leave my furry friends for an extended period of time. Recently, parents with a cute little girl who they refer to as "E," shared an Instagram video of a woeful goodbye with her cat, Kissy, before taking off on holiday — and I can already hear the Sarah McLaughlin music in my head.

"E telling Kissy goodbye before we left on holiday!" she captioned the post. "So for those concerned about E being too much in their face, we only do what the girls tolerate and only if they allow it. She has never been bitten by one of the cats. She has had a few scratches, and we have used those as teaching moments on respecting their space. We are doing our best to help the girls form a bond and keep everyone safe and happy."

While the video is cute enough, we commend these parents on taking the time to teach their kids about how to approach and handle animals. After all, boundaries are important, whether you have two legs or four!

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