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YuYu Body Bottle Long Hot Water Bottle Review

The Best Lockdown Purchase I've Made Is a Body-Length, Waist-Tie Hot-Water Bottle

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As an endometriosis sufferer, I'm constantly looking for tips, tricks, and products — on top of medication and surgery — to help ease my symptoms. Like most people with periods, some of my biggest symptoms are pain, cramps, and general discomfort. As soon as pain strikes, you can find me knocking back some painkillers and grabbing my old-faithful hot-water bottle, then awkwardly stuffing it into my trousers to keep it in place. That was, until I found my new best friend: The YuYu Body Bottle Long Hot Water Bottle (£25).

I'm also not the only one clutching my hot-water bottle at the first signs of cramps. Clue, a period-tracking app, reports that three in four people who use the app experience cramps just before or during their period. "Heat has been shown to be as effective as NSAIDs (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) and aspirin for menstrual cramp pain," according to recent studies found by Clue. Experts in the field of gynaecology, like Dr Victoria Walker from fertility centre Institut Marques, recommend that "taking a hot water bottle to bed, or having a hot bath can reduce discomfort."

So when a friend told me I absolutely needed this fancy, extralong hot-water bottle — which is 75 cm long and can be tied around your body — after it changed her life (especially during her periods), I immediately ordered it on Amazon there and then. It arrived just in time for my next bout of cramps, and instantly, it was one of those products that left me wondering what I ever did before owning it.

The waist tie is one of my favourite features as it allows me to move around the house freely while wearing it, giving the benefits of stick-on heat patches without the expense or waste of them. The fabric — which comes in three colours — is incredibly soft (almost like a blanket) and comes with a handy pocket in the front. It can also be easily washed in the machine on a 30-degree cycle.

And it's not just for period cramps. I also use the body bottle when I suffer with incredibly sore legs (another glorious endometriosis symptom). The bottle is also great for neck, back, and other chronic pain.

If you're suffering from pain or just wanting a hot-water bottle that is pretty much the length of your body to curl up next to, I cannot recommend the Body Bottle enough.

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YuYu Body Bottle Long Hot Water Bottle
YuYu Body Bottle Long Hot Water Bottle
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