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Zodiac Sign Stereotypes That Aren't Actually True

An Astrologer Debunks Your Zodiac Sign's Stereotypes

Zodiac Sign Stereotypes That Aren't Actually True
Image Source: Pexels / Maria Orlova

If your sun sign is an Aquarius like mine, chances are your horoscope has said you're independent, aloof, and a little on the emotionally detached side. While I personally attest to having the emotional capacity of a robot, it's probably unlikely that that all Aquarians are incapable of being vulnerable. Whether you identify with your zodiac traits at all or not, there's probably at least one stereotype about your zodiac sign that you find questionable. To help debunk some of the most eye-roll-worthy zodiac stereotypes out there, POPSUGAR spoke to TikTok astrologer Astrodim about each zodiac sign's clichés.

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