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How Often Should You Turn Off Your Laptop?

If You Turn Your Laptop Off to "Let It Rest," You Could Be Doing Some Serious Damage


Laptops are pretty amazing things. Not only can they help us get our work done, they can also keep us connected to family and friends and help make our lives a bit more convenient in just about every area. And that's not to mention they're perfect for binge-watching Netflix. If you're a laptop user, however, you may have thought of this question from time to time: how often should I completely power it down?

"The best thing you can do is never shut it off, ever," K. Alan Robbins, CEO of Moose Worldwide Digital, a digital interactive software development company, told POPSUGAR. Robbins, who has been in the computer industry since 1979, added that many of the discrete components in these types of devices run extremely hot and are designed to run at that temperature (i.e. don't be freaked out if it sounds like a fan is running). "Shutting it off, leaving it in a cold car overnight, or letting it bake in the sun on your dashboard will drastically shorten its life." And why does this happen? "The expansion/contraction leads to very small cracks in the plastic that eventually break connections," Robbins said. When a laptop is subjected to severe thermal shock — like being turned off every night — it will wear out quickly.

So, there you have it! Next time you're tempted to shut your computer down every time it's not in use, you may want to think again.

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