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How Often Should You Turn Off Your iPhone?

How Often Do You Need to Turn Off Your iPhone to Let It Rest? Prepare to Be Surprised


According to research, American adults spend nearly half of their day consuming content from digital media — with almost one-third of this time designated to their smartphone. That's a lot of time spent downloading apps, surfing Instagram, and texting friends. But how often are we supposed to power down our devices when we're virtually always "on?"

As it turns out, there is no need to power down your cell phone often to let it rest and recharge. "You don't need to power down your smartphone to give it a rest," Tim Fisher, general manager for technology information and advice site Lifewire, told POPSUGAR. "Like laptops, smartphones can benefit from the occasional restart, the automatic process of turning it off and back on again, to clean up any leftover junk after closing apps and software, but there's no major benefit in and of itself to having it completely powered off." So, if you, like me, frantically charge your phone when the battery is low instead of letting it actually die and turn off, there's no need to worry.

However, if you're experiencing malfunctions with your smartphone, a power down may help get it back on track. "Powering off your iPhone is a good idea if you're experiencing app crashes, software glitches, or other atypical behaviours," Bree Bengle, a tech expert from Asurion, a company that helps to create innovative technology solutions, explained to POPSUGAR. "Other other than that, you don't really need to worry about it. People ask pretty regularly about how often they should be powering off or restarting their phone, and the answer is pretty simple: as long as your phone is behaving normally, you don't need to turn it off."

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