Nicola Peltz-Beckham's New Bangs Are Anything but Boring

Hold on to your scissors, because Nicola Peltz-Beckham is putting a twist on your average bangs haircut. While the model recently unveiled a new dark hair colour โ€” a stark contrast to her trademark blond look โ€” she just switched it up for a second time at Variety's Power Of Young Hollywood Celebration, debuting new arched bangs. The cut has a much more edgy vibe than we usually see for Peltz-Beckham, with an asymmetrical finish and wispy details, but it's all a part of her new look.

This style of bangs are commonly used to frame the face in a flattering way, with shorter "micro" bang pieces in the middle that typically hit right above the eyebrow and longer layers on either side. This "arched" shape helps complement the contours of a person's face, which is definitely the case with Peltz-Beckham. While we've seen her with more standard bangs before, this is the first time she's stepped out with the arched take on the style, proving once again that she can truly pull off any kind of hairstyle.

Peltz-Beckham's first hair transformation took place two weeks ago when she first debuted her brown colour, writing, "Back to my roots ๐Ÿ˜‰" on Instagram, tagging Los Angeles hairstylist Daniel Moon. Her followers seemed to be big fans of the new hue, with her husband, Brooklyn Beckham commenting, "Sexy baby xxxxx," but it seems she's still in the mood for change. Check out the photos below to see Peltz-Beckham's edgy new fringe up close.