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Refy Lash Sculpt Review With Photos

I Have Thinning Lashes and Refy's New Mascara Made Them Visibly Longer

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As a beauty enthusiast, it's impossible to go on my TikTok FYP without seeing vloggers gliding the roll-on Refy Face Primer over their skin before starting their makeup routine. REFY Beauty was founded by British influencer Jess Hunt, who is famously known for her envy-worthy bushy brows and aesthetic Instagram account.

The British beauty brand has quickly become a cult favourite so, when REFY announced that they would be launching their first mascara, of course I had to see what its new product offering entailed. Enter: the REFY Lash Sculpt (£20).

After years of lash extensions, my natural lashes have definitely thinned over time. I now have short, stubby lashes and they aren't as full as they used to be. It always takes me multiple coats of mascara (and a bit of luck) to even get my natural lashes to look more elevated. So, if anyone can give an honest review about the lengths this mascara can extend your lashes, it's me.

About the REFY Lash Sculpt

  • The REFY Lash Sculpt wand mirrors the shape of the human eye to find the perfect curve for all eye shapes.
  • This new tinted eye product lifts, lengthens and separates lashes for a high impact finish.
  • The REFY Lash Sculpt is formulated with similar ingredients as its viral Brow Sculpt including Carnauba & Candelilla Wax.
  • The formula also nourishes the lashes.
  • Refy 2

    What I like about the REFY Lash Sculpt

    I've tried hundreds of different mascaras but this product is quite unique. At first glance, I was instantly drawn to the shape of the wand. The wand is curved with bristles on one side that go from short to long allowing you to target each lash in one swish. The shorter bristles at the tip of the wand are perfect for lengthening your hard-to-reach lashes in the corner of your eye.

    I've always been a bit sensitive with the lashes in the inner corner of my eyes; sometimes I even leave them and focus on the outer lashes. But the streamlined wand makes it so much easier to reach them - and I didn't poke my eye with the wand at all. I really appreciate the attention to detail that has gone into this product and the innovative approach of the wand.

    refy closer look

    After applying two coats, I could see that my lashes were noticeably longer and definitely stood out more. The clue is in the name as the lashes really sculpt to the shape of the bristles, leaving me with a very natural fluffy look.

    To me, there is nothing worse than a mascara that clumps your lashes together. When there is an excess of product on your lashes, it can often transfer onto your concealer leaving you with unflattering panda eyes. However, the shape of the Refy Lash Sculpt wand allows the product to be distributed evenly on the bristles which is a game changer honestly.

    How To Use the REFY Lash Sculpt

    There seems to be a lot of confusion about how to use this product online due to the curved shape of the wand but it is very simple. You just hold the wand up against your lashes with the curved tip facing upwards and then you brush through your lashes pulling upwards. For maximum lift and lengthening, slowly brush through the lashes 2-3 times and make sure you also use the smaller bristles to target the inner corners of your lashes.

    refy 2

    What to consider before trying the REFY Lash Sculpt

    This is a universal product and can work for everyone. However, I wouldn't recommend this as a mascara to reach for if you're looking for a voluminous look. Upon reflection, I didn't notice a lot of volume in my lashes. This is a key product to use for lengthening and lifting the lashes and will be a staple in my makeup bag for this very reason. It also isn't marketed as a waterproof product so bear that in mind also.

    Where is the REFY Lash Sculpt available?

    The REFY Lash Sculpt launches globally on the Refy website on the 21st February. However, if you can get to central London you can purchase the REFY Lash Sculpt early at its concept store in Covent Garden. REFY: The Exhibition celebrating the human art form is open to the public 16th – 28th February.


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