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Jake Gyllenhaal Correcting "Melancholy" Pronunciation Video

Yes, Jake Gyllenhaal Will Correct You If You Mispronounce This Word to His Face — Just Watch!

Do you tell someone when they have food in their teeth? What about if they could use a breath mint? Do you correct someone when they mispronounce a word in a live video? If you're Jake Gyllenhaal, the answer to the last question is "um, duh." On Monday, the Velvet Buzzsaw actor sat down for an interview with The Hollywood Reporter alongside his costars and director Dan Gilroy. When discussing the upcoming Netflix thriller, Dan opened up about Jake's costar Rene Russo and how "there's many sides to Rene that haven't been shown on film, and I want the world to see them."

"Soulful, spiritual, she has a touch of melancholy once in a while," Dan said, pronouncing the word mehlonkley. Jake reacted hilariously and wasted no time before correcting him. That Jake Gyllenhaal is beauty and brains, and he isn't afraid to remind you! Watch the hilarious clip above, and make sure to practice your pronunciation of "melancholy" if you ever plan on meeting Jake.

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