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Michael B. Jordan's Guilty Pleasure Is Anime | Video

Before He Was Killmonger, Michael B. Jordan Sat on Our Couch and Revealed His REAL Guilty Pleasure

The year 2014 was a simpler time; tweets were only 120 characters long, Barack Obama was still president, and Michael B. Jordan was obsessed with anime. You might not have realized that last part at the time, but the internet just uncovered an old interview with the actor before his Black Panther days — and it took place right here in the POPSUGAR office! One ultra-relatable moment when Michael is asked about his "biggest guilty pleasure" is quickly becoming a meme, thanks to his indecision about the answer.

You see, the actor — who was here promoting the comedy That Awkward Moment with costars Zac Efron and Miles Teller — initially wrote "anime" on his answer sheet before crossing it out to write "women." You know, the typical conundrum.

The handsome actor hasn't been shy about airing his nerdier side while promoting Black Panther, and this interview moment proves that's nothing new! There's certainly no judgment from us — there's nothing wrong with loving anime, knowing everything there is to know about comic books, and having a soft spot for the ladies. It just adds another bullet to the list of reasons he's our "man crush everyday."

Watch the viral interview moment above, then see what Michael's been up to lately by catching up on our Black Panther coverage.

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