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Craziest Moments on Riverdale

28 Times Riverdale Got So Weird and Wild, It Felt Like You Were on Jingle Jangle

Craziest Moments on Riverdale
Image Source: The CW

Remember when Riverdale's first season premiered, and we thought it was so crazy? Then season two came along, and we figured the show couldn't get any more wild. But season three was like, "Hold my fizzle rocks — you're about to be taken to a whole new level of insane." Yeah, it's been a very weird past few seasons, and it seems like every instalment ups the ante. We went from trying to figure out Jason Blossom's murder to watching someone dressed up in branches convince children to kill people and/or commit suicide. Oh, and we've also been introduced to a farm cult that makes babies levitate over a fire.

Evidently, Riverdale has spent every season serving us a hot plate of "WTF?" and we're fully expecting season four to have just as many twists and turns. But before we start speculating too much about the upcoming chapter, let's take a walk down memory lane and revisit some of the show's craziest moments thus far.

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