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SNL "Can I Play That?" Sketch Video March 2019

SNL Pokes Fun at Twitter's Call-Out Culture and Idris Elba's Chances of Playing James Bond

On the March 9 episode of Saturday Night Live, the cast took aim at the unforgiving side of Twitter's call-out culture in "Can I Play That?" The segment features Kenan Thompson as a game show host who gives a brief description of a Hollywood role. The three contestants — David (Idris Elba), Jackie (Cecily Strong), and Lawrence (Beck Bennett) — then have to decide whether they can play that given character.

Jackie and Lawrence know that many Hollywood projects face backlash for questionable casting (think: Emma Stone playing a Hawaiian and Chinese character in Aloha or Scarlett Johansson deciding not to portray a transgender man after widespread criticism), thus leading to an onslaught of Twitter disputes. But David has a harder time understanding that finding an actor to play a part can sometimes be a slippery slope headed toward inexorable social media backlash. Watch the sketch above to see how he learns his lesson and how Elba cleverly pokes fun at rumours of him becoming the next James Bond.

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