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Will This Is Us Have a Season 4?

This Is Us Hasn't Been Renewed For Season 4 Yet, but It Probably Will Be


It certainly didn't take long for fans to fall in love with This Is Us. Not only did the show break records for the most watched trailer for a new Fall show, but it only took one episode for it to get picked up for a full-season order. Not to mention, NBC renewed the drama for not one, but TWO more seasons during the middle of season one. While we still have season three to look forward to, we have a strong feeling the show will get picked up for season four as well.

Not only are fans emotionally invested in the amazing characters and the well-written storylines, but when creator Dan Fogelman first pitched the pilot, he already had the first four seasons of the show planned out. "When you're making a television show, you don't even know that it's going to get picked up, let alone become this giant thing that gets out of control, nor what people are going to respond to," he told Entertainment Weekly in September. "So we had a plan from day one. I delivered the script for the pilot, and I also had a pitch for the next four seasons of the show."

Seeing that Fogelman already has a storyline for season four in mind, it only makes sense that the network would renew the series for an additional season (and hopefully a few more on top of that). If you need us, we'll just be patiently waiting for the show to return.

Image Source: NBC
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