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This Is Us Super Bowl Ad 2018

Milo Ventimiglia Forgives Crock-Pot in Super Bowl Ad, but What Does This Mean?!

Are you still getting hot flashes every time you see a Crock-Pot thinking about Jack's death on This Is Us? We certainly are, but maybe a little less after watching the video above. In this hilarious This Is Us Super Bowl ad, Milo Ventimiglia tells us the big game is a great time to be with friends and family and asks that everyone "take a deep breath and find the ability to forgive and remind ourselves, there's no difference so great that we can't overcome it."

What happens next is what has us in a tizzy. He starts ladling chili out of a CROCK-POT, the screen goes black, and then it pans to #CrockPotIsInnocent. We are wondering if this could be a clue as to why the Big Three feels such guilt. After we found out how Jack dies on This Is Us, people took to Twitter to swear off their Crock-Pots, causing the series creator, Dan Fogelman, to send out a memo to "remind everyone that it was a 20-year-old fictional Crock-Pot with an already funky switch. Let's not just lump all those lovely hardworking Crock-Pots together." Now we'll just have to wait to find out how the story unfolds after the Super Bowl.

Image Source: NBC
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