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27 Movies Like Get Out

27 Movies Like "Get Out" That Are Riddled With Horror and Social Commentary

27 Movies Like Get Out
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Writer-director Jordan Peele's debut feature film and psychological thriller, "Get Out" is, quite frankly, iconic. Thanks to its incredible blend of humour, horror, and depth, "Get Out" popularized the social thriller, a term Peele coined to describe when the real bad guy is society. Now, audiences know to dig a little deeper for a social commentary in Peele's horror flicks.

"Get Out" is a sharp and biting satire of race and the racism underlying white liberalism. In the movie, Chris (Daniel Kaluuya), a Black man in an interracial relationship, goes to the middle of nowhere with his white girlfriend, Rose (Allison Williams), to meet her family, whose claim to allyship is that they would've voted for Obama a third time if they could. Even though Rose assures him her family is cool, that couldn't be further from the truth.

Every Black person Chris interacts with at their home seems off as they all smile way too hard and behave as if they're in a terrifying trance. The slew of microaggressions Chris faces is the least of his worries when it's revealed that the whole family is conspiring to swap his brain out and replace it with a white person's to take control of his body.

What makes "Get Out" stand out is its perfect blend of comedy, horror, and allegorical symbolism to critique the continued fear Black people face to this day. From the continued commodification of Black bodies to the insidiousness of white liberals who aren't willing to give up power in any meaningful way, this movie really dives deep into racial discourse. However, the greatest gift Peele gave Black audiences is the comic relief throughout the film, which balances out the violence and trauma that the Black characters go through.

Both a commercial and critical success, "Get Out" also made history. Not only was the film nominated for best picture, best director, and best actor at the 90th Academy Awards, but Peele also became the first Black man to win the Academy Award for best original screenplay. Three weeks after its release in 2017, it earned $100 million domestically, making Peele the first Black writer-director to earn this stupendous amount of money with a debut movie, per NBC. Not to mention, many audiences were first introduced to Kaluuya in one of his first major roles, launching him into stardom.

If you're looking for more social thrillers that deliver a message and a jump scare, these 25 movies like "Get Out" definitely fit the bill. From thought-provoking horror classics like "Rosemary's Baby" to Black-led horror films like "The Blackening," these movies will make you laugh, scream, and think deeply about what's really scary.

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