In "How's Your Head?" News, Lil Nas X Reveals His VMAs Look Is Actually Really Heavy

Lil Nas X wore head-to-toe feathers to the 2022 MTV Video Music Awards, but that didn't mean his outfit was light. As he admitted during a preshow interview, his extravagant look, designed by Harris Reed, was actually quite heavy and difficult to maneuver (although he definitely found a way to make it work). From the waist up, Lil Nas rocked an enormous circular headpiece with black feathers and no shirt, while his bottom half was completely engulfed in a caged skirt, along with a pair of black leather pants. From an onlooker's perspective, his outfit looked ethereal and airy. But in reality, Lil Nas revealed that the outfit was quite substantial, especially considering how much structural integrity all of the individual pieces had.

Even if the garment was a little obstructive, Lil Nas has never shied away from a good fashion moment. In the past, he's worn a full sequinned suit, metallic combat boots, and even pearl-encrusted armor, solidifying his role as a budding fashion icon and, more importantly, someone who isn't afraid to express his truest self. He shows up to every award show ready to make a statement, and tonight was no different, even if it was a bit of a physical struggle. "It's something fresh, it's something new," he explained during his preshow interview. Sure, carrying a little extra weight on your head all night might not be the most comfortable experience in the world, but hey: the crown is heavy.