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Pamela Anderson's Frankies Bikinis Collection

Pamela Anderson Re-Created Her Iconic Red Swimsuit For Her Frankies Bikinis Collab

Pamela Anderson's Frankies Bikinis Collection
Image Source: Frankies Bikinis

Pamela Anderson has officially declared it a "Baywatch" summer. On 27 April, Frankies Bikinis announced a collaboration with Anderson, who has recently been in the spotlight for her candid Netflix documentary. The collection, which will be available online starting 4 May, re-created some of her most iconic swimwear looks, taking inspiration from her former "Baywatch" role. The line features 22 pieces total, including a modern version of the red one-piece she wore on the show as lifeguard C.J. Parker.

"I have been in a bathing suit for most of my life," Anderson said in a press release. "I took everything I loved and put them into these pieces — the high-cut leg, one-pieces with buttons, long ties on the bottoms, cute fabrics and colours, and more." According to the brand, the swimsuits are an expression of the actor's personality, with "soft fabrics and fun prints that reflect her love of nature, animals, and romance."

Styled by Haley Wollens, Anderson's promotional photos — which were shot by Brianna Capozzi in the Cayman Islands — feature her in a white string bikini, a sunny yellow suit with buttons, and of course, a high-cut red one-piece. The brand also teased a lounge tank and special crochet tote. "I have been wanting to do this forever, but timing is everything," Anderson said. "It was worth the wait."

Anderson is the latest star to join Frankies Bikinis' long list of celebrity collaborations that focus on creating unique designs with personal style in mind. Former partners include Gigi Hadid, who packed plenty of meaningful details into her suits, and Sydney Sweeney, whose launch included lace-trimmed and beaded bikinis. Read on to see the first photos from Anderson's collection.

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