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High-Calorie Foods You Should Measure

Which Foods You Should Track Accurately — and Which Ones Aren't a Big Deal

If you think counting calories just doesn't work for you, you may want to think again. Nutrition coach Carter Good shared on Instagram that in most cases, when people don't see results from calorie tracking, "It usually comes down to human error." To make mindful nutrition easier, he posted a helpful cheat sheet that shows which foods you should accurately track (like nut butters) and which ones you can be more lenient about (such as low-cal veggies).

However, tracking consistently is also key to weight-loss success. Overall, foods like fruits and veggies aren't a huge deal when it comes to calories. But high-fat/high-calorie foods can really have an impact on your daily intake. Though Carter highly recommends investing in a digital food scale, this awesome infographic makes it possible to do without. Pair that with this handy macros cheat sheet and you're well on your way to shedding pounds!

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