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How to Prevent Shoulder Pain When Doing Push-Ups

This Trainer Wants You to Stop Making This Common Push-Up Mistake

Push-ups tend to be Kryptonite when it comes to performing bodyweight exercises. For such a basic movement, doing the perfect push-up comes with many nuances. The slightest mistake in your form can make this exercise unnecessarily hard to perform and may cause pain in areas like your shoulders and back.

If you consider yourself a push-up pro or just starting out, this simple tweak from personal trainer Lauren Pak will help you perfect your form. Pak explains that a common mistake people make is letting their elbows go too far out to the sides, creating a 90 degree angle away from the body. Instead, keep your elbows closer into your body creating a 45 degree angle (give or take) and maintain relaxation in your shoulders. To prevent shrugging try taking a deep breath, inhaling and exhaling, at the top of your push-up.

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