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Lindsey Vonn Ab Workout

Lindsey Vonn Shows Us How She Gets Rock-Hard Abs With This Intense Core Exercise

Lindsey Vonn is always in performance-ready shape, but she didn't sculpt her athletic body simply by hitting the slopes; she's been known to defy gravity with hanging core work and was already back in the gym just weeks after earning a bronze medal in Pyeongchang, South Korea. The Olympic skier recently showed off another intense core exercise on her Instagram page, proving she works hard to stay in shape.

Her version of the dragonfly requires solid core strength and balance. She laid down on a weight bench, lifted her entire body below her shoulder blades off the bench, and pedaled her legs in the air — we're sore just looking at her! Turns out, this move is what her fans were asking for.

"I asked you guys what you wanted to see more of from my workouts . . . You said CORE! So here's a different version of the dragon fly[sic]!" she wrote in her Instagram caption. "First time I've done this exercise, need to keep my hips up higher but try it and lmk what u think!"

Although Lindsey said she needs to work on her form, it's still an advanced move that will totally challenge you on ab day. If you're feeling strong, incorporate this one into your core exercises and be ready to feel sore for days!

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