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Activated Charcoal Croissants

Someone Is Selling an Activated Charcoal Croissant — and Twitter Is Having a Meltdown

It's a new day, which means a new way to incorporate activated charcoal into foods that, frankly, are more than satisfactory left alone. As if ice cream and lattes weren't enough, today the food transformation has come for the humble croissant.

The London based chain Coco Di Mama describes the croissants as "quite an unusual looking item" that "tastes better than it looks," but consumers are still dubious. The croissants are vegan, meaning they contain no butter, which alone is pastry profanity. Other ingredients include soy and barley flour, activated charcoal, lemon, and sugar. Activated charcoal has properties that detoxify the body and neutralise excess acid, according to the food chain. So after your next heavy night out, all you need is a suspicious looking croissant to flush the toxins away (just kidding, please hydrate instead).

Read ahead to see some of Twitter's most outraged responses.

Image Source: Twitter user keano81